Custom Printing is an eco-friendly printing firm.

In 2002 Custom was awarded the City of Oxnard's Waste Watch Award. We have had a zero impact attitude in place for over a decade and maintain the same profile at our mail facility.

As a Forest Stewardship CouncilĀ® certified company, (FSCĀ® C103525), we are proud to be a part of the chain of custody certification. We promote the use of papers whose sources and manufacturing meet FSC standards.

Custom Printing uses only pms, and process colors that are vegetable based inks. (The only exception is metallic & fluorescent inks which are not available in soy)

We have a sealed water fountain solution system, this chill's, filters and mixes all of the solutions and distributes them to each press. We don't use any alcohols in our fountain solution; Isoprophol Alcohol is the product that damages the Ozone, some printers still use it, we do not.

We use one clean up solution on our presses and it is a low-Voc water based solution. Most of our presses automatically apply the solution to the rollers; this cuts down on the excessive use of this product.

We recycle all of our aluminum plates to an authorized recycler.

We recycle/return all of our pallets to paper distributors. 50-75 a week.

We recycle all of our paper products (20,000 lbs per week).

All of our waste ink is canned and sealed (VCAPCD required) and returned to a recycler for future mixing and re-use in different printing processes.

All corrugated material is compressed banded and recycled, (usually paper boxes and packaging materials from our vendors).

We also re-use client cartons - because of our mailing-it is less than before, but we still have re-used over 750 boxes in 2007.

Whenever our clients have to dispose of out-dated material, we are always willing to pick up the product and recycle.

With the addition of our mailing facility, we have stopped shipping product in cartons and have ordered approx. 10,000 less cartons than a year ago.

We have also taken a zero impact attitude at our mailing facility:

  • All extras are returned to client or recycled
  • All pallets are returned for re-use or return to paper supplier
  • All inkjet cartridges are recycled to our supplier