The Only Limitation is Your Imagination

If you are in need of high quality commercial printing services in Oxnard, the company you should contact is Custom Printing so you can take advantage of our print services. Since 1975, we have been providing the best offset lithography in the business, and we’re always pushing ourselves to become even better. Custom Printing professionals take great pride in their work, and that means you can expect to receive the very best printed materials for any project you have in mind.

If you can think it, we can print it!  Here at Custom, quality lithography is a craft that we have mastered and perfected since 1975. We continue to improve our capabilities with state of the art equipment and the best people running them. Custom’s experienced pressmen are dedicated to producing some of the best work available in our industry, they do make it look easy and the best usually do.

Another advantage to having seasoned print professionals is they know when there’s an issue before there’s one. We do the hard work in before we put your project on press, that’s how is supposed to be done. Printwork is an art and does require some thinking “outside the box” when solving our clients requests. We are happy to help and enjoy the challenge, looking forward to working with you on your next project!

High-Quality Litho Printing

High-quality lithography involves a technique which is based on the immiscibility (non-mixing quality) of water and oil. The actual printing comes from a lithographic limestone or metal plate which has a smooth surface. Lithography is generally used to print artwork or text onto a print surface. Modern lithography calls for an image to be created with a polymer coating which gets applied to a metal plate or a flexible piece of plastic.

This image can then be directly printed from the plate or it can be offset, by transferring the image to some kind of rubber sheet. Whenever it’s necessary to print high-volume runs of books or magazines, lithography will generally be the technique used, especially if there are a number of color illustrations in the work to be published. In fact, offset lithography has become the dominant form of print technology ever since the 1960’s.

Custom Booklet Printing

Whatever kind of booklet project you might have that requires print, we can provide you with customized booklet prints to meet your needs. You might want a magazine, catalog, or even a calendar printed up, and it might be for just a few copies or several thousand. Whatever your needs are in the way of customized booklet prints, we can manage it and present you with a very high quality version of whatever you had in mind. You’ll have options such as choosing between uncoated stocks, or premium coatings with high quality finishes, or you may even want to use cardstock for more durable pages and covers. Whatever you have in mind, we can accommodate your needs with a very high-quality custom booklet.

Custom Catalog Printing

Catalogs are used by a great many consumers to browse through products which they may want to purchase, and as such, they can be very helpful for businesses wishing to announce their products to potential buyers. This means that you need to have a high-quality printed catalog made up, so as to present your products in the best possible light for consumers. That being the case, you need to have your custom catalogs printed up by Custom Printing in Oxnard, to be sure that the highest quality catalog can be offered to potential buyers.

Full-Color Brochure Printing

Brochures have a wide variety of uses, many of which are promotional in nature and are used to introduce or inform readers about a particular organization or its products and services. Given the fact that these brochures are serving such an important role, it’s essential that they be printed up with high-quality print materials, so the visual representation inspires readers to act. Whatever kind of brochures you need printed up, and whatever volume you need them printed in, we can handle the job at Custom Printing, and we guarantee that you will be ecstatic with the results.

Business Letterhead Printing

Business letterheads are generally headings which are pre-printed on a number of different documents such as memos, letters, and notes. The reason they’re used is to make a document look more professional, as well as to promote your brand image to readers. That’s why it’s definitely to your advantage to create a customized letterhead for your brand, and that you use that letterhead on as many documents as possible.

Since a business letterhead can be so crucial toward promoting your brand, it’s something you just have to get right, and that means you should rely on Custom Printing to develop your business letterhead for you. We can make sure your letterhead is exactly what you have in mind, and that it properly promotes your brand to everyone who reads your company documents.