Our wide-format digital printing continues to get larger. Currently, we can print 64″ x 160ft. banners that can be full color or can even match to your Pantone color. Pull-up banners, posters, outdoor banners, as-well-as mounted standees are easily produced in our facility and can be completed in just a couple of days.

Our eco-solvent printer gives you the sturdiness and fade-resistance of solvent printers with the eco-friendly process that today’s products must have.

When it comes to printing customized posters, most customers are looking for a quick turnaround, high quality, and durability in the finished product. That’s exactly what we can provide with every print job we take on. We use the most modern technology to deliver the most striking colors and the clearest printed text. That also allows us to accomplish any particular task in a short time frame, so even when there’s a tight schedule involved, we can deliver the goods to our client. Because we print on durable materials, you can expect that your custom poster will last for a considerable amount of time, so that you get the most out of your investment.

Here at Custom Printing, we are able to print large-format banners in sizes ranging anywhere up to 64″ x 160′, and these can be produced in high quality full-color. In just a few days, we can produce any kind of posters, pull-up banners, outdoor banners, or mounted standing posters, to advertise your special event or to accompany your business at a trade show. Our printing processes are extremely friendly to the environment, because we use eco-solvent processes which resist fading and impart powerful sturdiness to the banner. Whatever kind of application you have in mind for large-format printing, we can provide you with the best solution and the most appealing product.

Customized banners are often printed on vinyl, using fade-resistant UV ink, so as to achieve longevity as well as durability. For extra strength, they sometimes will have grommets and welded hems included in their construction. They can be used either indoors or outdoors, since they are resistant to the effects of weathering. That makes them ideal for a number of different uses such as trade shows, business events, special gatherings, or for marking any kind of specific event.

These kinds of banners are generally required to be customized, because they can literally be of any size whatsoever. For instance, they can be anywhere from 24″ in width up to 86″ in height, or even more. They are also made available in a number of different styles, for instance outdoor banners, professional style banners, and premium banners which are of high quality and long-lasting. They can be printed on one side or on both sides, depending on the application for which they’re intended. Most often, customized pull-up banners are displayed on a pre-assembled stand or base, so they can be easily displayed to consumers.

Point-of-purchase printing, or POP printing as it is generally referred to, consists of marketing materials which are positioned immediately adjacent to merchandise which is being promoted. These kinds of materials can be positioned in a checkout area or right in the aisles where merchandise is being shelved and offered for sale. Their function is to call attention to the particular merchandise, given the fact that there are usually a number of similar items available for purchase, and the POP materials call attention to one specific brand. We can prepare any kind of POP materials you might need for your business operations.

Whether your restaurant offers dine-in or take-out, we have your menu needs covered. Choose from a variety of paper stocks and formats that meet your restaurant’s needs. We offer printing services for in-house and disposable to-go menus.