11 Cool Litho Printing Projects

A woman doing a cool litho printing project

There are countless lithography projects that you can explore for personal or business use. When you take advantage of litho printing, a plate is made with the image. Then, it becomes a rubber stamp to use with wet ink. You can explore countless colors and printing mediums to create projects that you can display and share with as many as you wish.

#1 Metallic Artwork

One of the best uses of lithography printing is to take advantage of the various inks. Metallic ink can be used to create incredible artwork that is both creative and visually stunning.

Metallics such as gold, silver, and copper are available. These can be used on their own or in conjunction with standard (non-metallic) colors.

#2 Custom Photo Book

Litho printing is capable of creating more vibrant images than digital printing. Further, the colors are virtually limitless, so you’ll get the best expression of color from the photos.

You can create page after page of beautiful photos so that you can share an entire book with your audience. This can be anything from a book of family photos to stunning landscapes from around the world.

#3 Newsletter

Newsletters are a fun way to share interesting and exciting details of what’s going on. Rather than emailing out a newsletter to family and friends or to your customer base, you can choose to send out a physical one.

With the benefits offered by litho, you’re able to choose the kind of paper that works best – including a vintage feel. Include as much text and images as you like so that you can entertain and inform.

People will look forward to your newsletters because of how creatively you chose to share your news.

#4 Map

Maps can be a way to show off where you are, where you’re from, or turn it into a work of art. Through litho printing, you can have it printed on glossy paper for marketing purposes or even on canvas paper so that it looks like a treasure map.

The bright pantones that litho printing is known for will ensure you’re able to offer a creative flair to your map. Hang them on the wall, pass them out to clients, or place them in your storefronts.

Once people see that “X” marks the spot, they’re going to love the creative freedom you took with your map.

#5 Art Portfolio

Presenting your art portfolio means that you need to give curators, professors, or anyone else a chance to see your personality and your talent. You never want to depend on a digital portfolio because colors are not always true.

By embracing what lithography printing has to offer, you can reproduce all of your art as many times as you want. It can be the perfect way to present yourself to the art world in a professional way. Plus, with the ability to make multiple copies, you can send them off to universities or galleries around the world as a way to request admission.

#6 Wall Art

Artists need a way to duplicate a beautiful piece of art. There’s no way to take a beautiful painting and place it on the glass of a copy machine. It simply doesn’t work that way.

Litho printing allows you to create multiple copies of your art. You can have the true-to-life colors – and you can have it printed on any type of paper that you want. Additionally, once the copies are made, you can choose to hand-embellish the art or even sign the prints individually.

Once the plate is made with the original art, you can choose to produce as many copies as you want before destroying the plate. It ensures that there’s a limited number available, which can also make your art more sought after.

#7 Stickers

Promote yourself in one of the most exciting ways possible. Stickers can be printed on a litho machine so that you can get your message out there. Once you choose the size of the sticker, the adhesive paper is loaded into the machine.

You can choose metallic, neon, and a full spectrum of colors to ensure that your stickers pop. You’ll have the ability to hand out stickers that people will love – and it can be a great way to get your name out to the community. The more stickers you print, the more you can give out so they can be stuck all over the city (and beyond).

#8 Invitations

Send out invites that allow you to focus on the details. Litho printing combined with various other services and adornments can help you to get invitations that will stand out.

Whether you’re inviting people to a wedding, a graduation, a baby shower, or even the grand opening of your business, they’ll notice the details. From bleeds to cut lines, a professional printer can help you with the various components so that your invitations look beautiful.

#9 Food Menu

People eat with their eyes before they attempt to eat with anything else. If you work for a restaurant, you can have some fun with litho printing. Your menu could use a fresh, vibrant look. With the ability to print colorful, beautiful images, you can include photos of some of your top dishes. People will see the images and instantly want to taste the succulent food that they’re seeing.

Your menu is a marketing tool, and litho is the creative tool you need to use to create something truly exciting.

#10 Neon Marketing Materials

You need people to pay attention to who you are. Rather than mass producing thousands of black and white flyers, you can choose a way to stand out. Neon ink is available in litho printing.

No one will be able to pass by your banner or ignore your flyer when you’re using bright colors to share your message. Plus, the cost becomes more affordable with the more marketing materials you print off.

#11 Eco-Friendly Letterhead

It’s important to have a branded, professional look when you write letters, mail invoices, and conduct your business. Litho printing allows you to print on a variety of textured papers. Eco-friendly paper is more textured than many other papers on the market, which means that digital printing won’t always help you get the quality look you want.

You’ll be able to show clients and potential clients that you’re eco-friendly simply by sending them something in the mail.

Explore the Possibilities

There are so many lithography projects that you can create. As long as you are willing to think outside of the box, the options are endless. By working with a professional lithographic printer, you can learn the limitations of a lithographic printing machine and push the boundaries with all that is possible.