Best Tips to Organize Commercial Printing Projects

Best Tips to Organize Commercial Printing Projects

Los Angeles commercial printing can help you to get everything you need to promote your business, your product, as well as an upcoming event. Regardless of whether you need banners, direct mail products, or even point of service merchandising material, there are custom printing services near me that you can take advantage of.

Knowing about the best LA printing shops and a few tips will ensure you get quality printing projects that will help you boost your visibility and achieve your marketing goals.

Best LA Printing Shops Near You

Searching for commercial printing in your area just got easier. When you’re in Los Angeles, there are plenty of high-quality shops that offer services that you can depend on. At the top of the list stands Custom Printing. 

Custom Printing Inc

Custom Printing is conveniently located in Oxnard, CA with the ability to service all over the Los Angeles metropolitan area. We offer an environmentally-friendly process and have FSC certified papers.

We use both lithographic and digital printing to ensure your needs are met. It allows us to offer the flexibility based on whether you need one or hundreds of a specific item printed. With our custom printing approach, we’re able to provide an out-of-the-box approach to all of your printing needs. Additionally, we offer large format printing so that no project is too big.

Commercial Printing Tips for Your Next Project

First of all, what is commercial printing? It’s a form of printing service that allows you to get the premium printing services that you need for your business. All sorts of things can be printed to help you with your business:

  • Stationery (letterhead and envelopes)
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Banners
  • Signage
  • Promotional items
  • Catalogs and pamphlets

When you decide that you require commercial printing services, there are a few tips to help you be successful.

Choose Commercial Printing Near Me

Often, it’s better to go with a California printing company as opposed to an online one. There are a few reasons for this. First, it ensures that you are supporting the local economy. Second, you have a place to go into so that you can see samples, talk to a printing professional, and even pick up your printed items rather than having to wait for them to be shipped. Finally, local printers care more about you – and you can form a lasting relationship with your printer.

Consider the Project

There are a lot of different projects that are available, so you have to consider what it is that you need. If it’s stationery, you have to consider such things as color and size. If it’s marketing material, you have to decide what type of material is going to suit you – banners can help to attract a lot of attention while postcards can be mailed to the addresses of your target audience. Flyers can be mass-distributed while vertical banners can be placed directly inside of your business.

Discussing the project details will ensure that you order the products that you actually need – and a print shop can help you decide on the product that will help you to accomplish your goals.

Plan Out the Details

Various details have to be considered so that you get the product that you need and want:

  • Finished trim size
  • Folding instructions
  • Print colors
  • Special printing requirements
  • Die-cut requirements
  • Type of paper/cardstock
  • Total quantity to be printed

Once you have the details figured out, establish a plan in terms of who is going to be responsible for what. You may have graphic designers work on the layout while you may need a copywriter in the marketing department to create the verbiage.

Proofread Everything

Before you even consider going to print, you’ll want to make sure that someone reviews everything. Have them look for consistency in fonts and font sizes, typos, words or images that will bleed over, and image quality.

If you are concerned about what the final product will look like, you can also ask for a proof. This is common with custom commercial printing, and it can ensure that you are satisfied before you end up with 1,000 pieces of print material that has a significant issue.

Establish Deadlines

Be realistic about when you want a project to be printed and in your hands. This will allow you to work backward to establish deadlines for your entire team.

Talk to the printer about how long it will take for them to create what you want.

From there, ensure that you have everything you need from your team in time to turn it into the printer.

Where are the Best Printing Shops in Los Angeles?

While there are some great places to go for custom commercial printing, Custom Printing, Inc. is a full-service shop that you can depend on. We consider ourselves to be the best printing shop near me for any and all of your printing needs.

We have been in the print industry since 1975. Over the past several decades, we have developed the philosophy that we will do whatever it takes to ensure that a project is done right and done on time.

We have a comprehensive portfolio to help you with all of your signage, marketing, and communication needs. This includes everything from stationery to banners to flyers. We can provide you with direct mail products, promotional materials for conventions and trade shows, and much more.

Lithographic and digital full-service commercial printing is offered, allowing you to have the quality printing that you need. Whether you need one or 1,000 of something, we have the means to produce it – and do so in an affordable way. Our print experts will work with you on the various projects that you have going on. We can talk to you about the pros and cons of the printing methods and make recommendations to ensure you get the quality that you demand.

We offer wide-format printing – and our capabilities keep growing in size. We can produce banners that are as large as 64” x 160’ – these can be full color, and we can even match to your exact logo with Pantone colors.

Additionally, at Custom Printing, we pride ourselves on an eco-friendly approach. We use a fully eco-friendly process as well as eco-solvent inks that are designed to be sturdy and fade-resistant. It will ensure that banners and other outdoor signage can last longer.

We have a comprehensive letterpress department that is capable of so much – we have foilers and embossers, die-cutters, gluers, and more. There’s no need for us to use an outside vendor – we keep everything in-house to ensure we can provide the best pricing and the fastest turnaround times. This department can help you with professional letterhead, beautiful invitations, and even one-of-a-kind book covers.

We also have an in-house bindery so that you can have exquisite finishing solutions for everything ranging from calendars to address books to magazines. We offer plenty of stitching for you to choose from that will impact the aesthetic, the durability, and the cost of the finished product.

There’s a reason why we have been around since 1975 – we continue to be innovative in terms of our custom approach to printing as well as to the printing equipment that we invest in. It’s what allows us to provide you with high-end printing on any material. We have a large selection of paper, cardstock, vinyl, and so much more.

One of the best ways to find out more about what we do is by contacting us. We can talk to you in detail about your product and help you to choose the right printing specifications.

Quotes are always free. Upload your file or give us a call today to find out how we can provide you with the printing that you need.

Los Angeles Printing Shops Best Practices

There are a lot of best practices that you should keep in mind to ensure that your files are formatted properly. To achieve the best commercial printing services, you need to work closely with your printer so that you can give them everything they need. If there are issues with formatting, it can cause your project to be delayed.

Consider Colors

The colors that you choose for your project have to be carefully considered. Can they be “close enough” or do they have to be exact. This will determine whether digital or lithographic printing is used. Additionally, Pantone, neon, and metallic colors can be a consideration when you want to have something truly unique to distribute to your audience.

Size Photos and Images Correctly

All of your photos and images have to be carefully sized. Additionally, you need to make sure that they are high resolution – especially when you are having large format printing done. Otherwise, images can end up being grainy.

Use Specific Fonts

It’s important to use fonts that are capable of providing you with bold and italic versions. If you use some of the free and synthetic fonts available on your desktop, they cannot be properly reproduced by imagesetters.

If you’re not sure if a font can be produced or not, talk to your printer so that they can help you to choose the typeface you want.

Size Your Publication

The dimensions of your file should be sized to the dimensions that you want your printed items to be. If the printer has to do any kind of resizing, it can lead to additional fees being charged. You will want to be specific about what you want the actual project to be sized to so that the printer can check for accuracy.

Compensate for Bleeds

A bleed allows you to print all the way to the edge, which is common with postcards, flyers, and even catalogs.

Most printers aren’t capable of printing all the way to the edge. If you don’t want a white margin, there will be trimming – and if you don’t compensate for the bleed, your finished product will end up being smaller than what you anticipated.

File Formats

The format in which you send your files matters. With so many programs using their own extensions, it’s not possible for a printer to open every program’s files. The best way to ensure that the formatting stays in place is to send it as a PDF.

If you are only having images printed, such as for banners or for canvas, they can be a JPG as it allows you to maintain a high resolution.

If you have a file that is in a different format, it can lead to problems with formatting or lead to a delay in the printing process.

Speak Up About Specifics

Your California printer isn’t a mind-reader. If there are specifics that you cannot convey in your file, make sure that you have the conversation with your printer. This includes everything from duplex (double-sided printing) to UV spotting and binding.