Custom Prints in Camarillo, CA

Established in 1975, Custom Printing began in our family’s garage. We work with a spirit of excellence to provide for all your commercial printing services needs around Camarillo, California. Our company provides various printing services, including wide-format printing, digital printing, in-house bindery, and more. In fact, our organization has evolved into a one-stop facility for all your trade show and marketing materials. We are more than ready to solve your most challenging projects with competitive pricing that suits your budget. 

Commercial Printing Services in Camarillo, CA

Commercial print often includes brochures or leaflets that announce services or products. However, you can obtain even more high-quality commercial prints with us, like large-format, digital, or offset lithography. We have commercial presses ranging from 18 inches to 40 inches in printing sizes. You also can get top-notch colors printed with aqueous coating if needed. Visit our location in Camarillo, CA or online here.

High-quality lithography involves a technique based on the non-mixing quality of oil and water. A metal plate or lithographic limestone does the actual printing. Also, modern lithography uses a polymer coating to create an image that is text/print artwork that will print a high-volume run of magazines or books. 

You can get customized booklet prints you need with us. We have various options, such as premium coatings or uncoated stocks with high-quality finishes or cardstocks to utilize for durable covers and pages. 

Custom Catalogue Printing

You can get top-notch printed catalogs to showcase your products as attractively as possible to customers. Catalogue printing is very important to certain industries therefore we take pride in developing high quality printings for our clients in Camarillo, California.

Full-Color Brochure Printing

Brochures are naturally promotional and used to inform the audience about services, products, or a particular organization. Thus, it is imperative to obtain high-quality services for outstanding visual representation. We will deliver top-notch work for you, guaranteed. 


If you need marketing materials near promoted merchandise, we will deliver attractive and attention-getting printouts for your merchandise. You will be able to place them in your company’s aisles or in its checkout area. 

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Digital Printing Services

When it comes to digital printing, we also know that it has limitations. As a result, we use cutting-edge equipment and offset expertise to assist in your digital print needs. As a result, small quantities can be produced economically and quickly with our digital printers. We can help keep you on track and on budget with this service instead of your ordering more and paying an offset print price for prints you do not need.  Digital printing is very different from conventional print. With the use of a complex group of numbers and formulas capturing the image in pixels, an image is made for printing. Afterward, we will use the digital image to use the transfer of ink, toner, and exposure accordingly to reproduce the image you want to print. 

Do You Need Custom Printing or Wide-Format Printing Services?

If you want your company to have a competitive edge among the saturation of competitors in Camarillo and surrounding areas, you must get custom prints or wide-format print services sometimes. Whether you are announcing a new service, product, sale, or event, it will behoove you to get these services from a proven, high-quality company. Custom Printing is the way to go. 

Custom Printing Services in Camarillo, CA FAQs

For more information about our services, you can contact us at 805-485-3700. Our office location is 2001 Cabot Place, Oxnard, CA 93030. You also can contact us on our online form. Otherwise, the following are some of the most frequently asked questions:
All our printing material is FSC-certified, meaning it has met one of the highest standards of environmental excellence.
This depends on what your business needs are. We would be happy to guide you over the phone after hearing your project needs.
Currently, we can print up to 64” x 160’ of printing material.

Your materials can be mailed straight to you with no delay thanks to our advanced mailing system.

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“text”: “We have a certificate from the Forest Stewardship Council, which is one of the highest institutions of environmental excellence. We’re always reviewing how we can be more efficient and environmentally conscious.”
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“text”: “This will largely depend on what you need for your project. We would be happy to walk you through which option would be more beneficial upon hearing your project requirements.”
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“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Currently, we can print up to 64” x 160’ of printing material.”
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“name”: “Do I Need to Pick Up My Printed Materials, or Can They Be Mailed to Me?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Your materials can be mailed straight to you with no delay thanks to our advanced mailing system.”

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Camarillo Custom Printing Services - 10 Postcard Printing Tips

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Direct mail advertising campaigns continue to elicit great response rates for companies. Data collected by a Gallup poll suggested that more than 40% of Americans look forward to checking their mail each day. 

And, when this is combined with an average 9% response rate, real estate agents, car dealerships, gyms, educational institutions, and in fact any small business, will see an excellent return on investment (ROI) when marketing through the mail.

When deciding on your next campaign, consider Camarillo custom printing services that provide bespoke postcard printing.

Here are a few postcard printing tips to help increase the number of customers who respond to your next marketing campaign:

  1. Size – Standard or Custom?

    Use custom printing services in Camarillo to stand out from the crowd.
    While the response to standard-sized postcards is excellent, making your postcards a little bigger gives you greater impact.
    While larger postcards cost a little extra to mail, this is more than made up in response rates. The impact of receiving a slightly larger postcard makes it harder to ignore and gives you an advantage over smaller, more ordinary-looking cards.
  2. A Higher Weight Conveys Quality

    Card stock weight can say a lot about you and your product. Potential customers can feel the difference when they pick up a heavier weight postcard.
    This “feel” conveys a subtle message to your customer that they are dealing with a quality business with quality products.
    Customer attention spans are short, so anything you can do to arrest their attention while looking through their mail translates into higher response rates.
  3. Choose Striking Colors

    No matter your offer, color plays an important role in grabbing attention.
    While printing on standard white stock may be suitable for some campaigns, bright neon colors can make you stand out from the competition.
    By cleverly selecting the right background color, you can convey the right message while still being eye-catching.
  4. Postcard Texture Says A Lot About You

    After selecting the size, weight, and color, the postcard texture is the next most important decision you’ll need to make.
    Luxury brands using heavier weight and textured cards are at an immediate advantage. Customers will immediately feel that there is something different about your product.
    They might not understand what it is, but they’ll know it when they feel it.
    Adding special varnishes to improve the tactile impression your cards make can make all the difference in your response rates.
  5. Put Holes in Your Postcard

    Perforating your postcards gives your potential customer something else to look at and feel when handling your mail.
    Adding a coupon or appointment card to the postcard helps to reinforce the image of your company or product and makes it more likely that your customer will keep the card.
    While on average, the mail is thrown away within 17 days, giving your customer something to keep will ensure your message stays top of mind for a lot longer.
  6. Give Your Customer Something to Remind Them of You

    If you include a sticker that your customer can keep, the longevity of your message increases.
    Add to that by revealing a price discount or some other special offer and you have the opportunity to both intrigue and delight your customers.
  7. Add a Magnet

    Everyone loves magnets. And households with kids are always in search of something to hold messages on the fridge or other metal surface.
    Adding a peel-off magnet with your company details will help to keep you top-of-mind in a high-traffic area of the house.
  8. Rectangles Are Not the Only Postcard Shape

    Creativity will always increase the response rate of any campaign.
    And with most postcards being rectangular, making use of die-cut shapes has the potential to raise awareness and even raise a laugh if it’s done cleverly.
  9. Keep Your Message Short

    You have a very short time in which to get your postcard’s message across.
    Decide on one or at most two compelling reasons for your customer to respond and then trim anything else.
    Short advertising copy will out-perform longer messages whenever using postcards.
    And remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, so choose your images wisely.
  10. Send a Picture Postcard

    A beautiful picture of a far-off holiday destination or evocative scene is sure to grab people’s attention.
    If you can find an appropriate image to match your offer, consider using it instead of a lengthy sales copy.
    So, if you are looking for custom printing services in Camarillo, you know whom to contact. We provide CA custom printing for a wide range of businesses and individuals.