Where Can I Get a Book Spiral Bound?

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If you’ve ever wondered, “are there binding services near me?”, then we can assist you. Custom Printing Inc. offers book-binding services to individuals and businesses looking for superior quality and durability.

Spiral binding is a popular way to attach book covers to the internal pages. It is cheaper than other bookbinding methods and is a long-lasting solution. 

The benefit of spiral-bound books is that the pages rotate with no resistance. You can lay the book flat and it will remain open without the need to hold the pages in position. 

The cover will not get damaged as it is not bent over in the same way that traditionally bound books are. This ensures that your book and cover last longer and remain in better condition than when bound using other methods.

The coils are made of plastic and come in many different colors, including black. Standard sizes include 8.5 x 5.5”, 6 x 9”, and 8.5 x 11”. 

Where Can I Get a Book Spiral Bound?

While stationery stores do stock spiral-binding materials, binding many books requires professional expertise to ensure that you enjoy consistent quality.

We offer a professional service for businesses and individuals who are looking for consistent quality and a quick turnaround time. 

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spiral Bound Books?

The chief advantage of spiral-bound books is that they can be folded open to 180 degrees. This is especially relevant when books are going to be used repeatedly or for presentations. The cover also experiences less wear and tear, which preserves the quality look and feel of the book.

Due to its flexibility, spiral-binding can be undertaken in both small and large orders. Machinery for automated binding ensures that you do not have to wait a long time for your order.

It doesn’t matter what size your book is, as the spiral coils come in a variety of sizes. We can do as few as a couple of pages up to hundreds of pages.

The multitude of colors available will suit just about any cover color scheme. And, the strength of the coils withstands rough handling.

You’ll find that the cost of spiral binding is very competitive when compared to more traditional binding techniques.

You must be aware that spiral-bound books do come with one or two disadvantages. The pages can tear when caught in the spiral, which is why we recommend that you use a professional service to have your book spiral bound.

Additional pages are hard to insert once the coil is set in place. 

How are Spiral-bound Books Constructed

The pages are aligned and a punch is used to make a uniform line of holes along the margin.

Holes are punched in the front and back covers as well and they are held together while a coil is inserted through the holes. 

Once the coil is in place, it is crimped at both ends to prevent the book from coming apart.

The correct size coil is selected based on the thickness and number of pages in the book. Thicker books will have a larger diameter coil. This then allows the pages to open properly and prolongs the life of the book.

The book will also look better and it minimizes wear on the pages and cover as they are opened and closed.

FAQ Book Spiral Binding

1. What is the minimum number of book pages that can be spiral bound?

You can bind 2 sheets of paper inside your cover. With printing on each side, this is a total of 4 book pages. 

2. What is the maximum number of pages that can be spiral bound?

It is difficult to quantify the actual number of book pages that can be spiral bound as it depends on several factors. The number of pages that can be bound will depend on the thickness of the paper, the thickness of the font and back covers, and the maximum diameter of the coil.

The largest coil has a diameter of 2” and can enclose a block of paper of about 1¾”. If you use a normal paper thickness, then you can probably bind about 900 pages in your book.

3. What color spiral binding coils are available?

Spiral binding coils come in over 40 different colors. 

The most popular color is black as it gives a very professional look to the books. Other popular colors are blue and white.

For the best result, matching the spiral coil color to the front cover is recommended. 

4. Can a page be removed from a spiral-bound book?

Yes, it is possible to remove spiral-bound pages, but the result cannot be guaranteed. You will have to untwist the coil to remove the page and twist it back again afterward.

5. Can you print on a spiral-bound book spine?

No, it is not possible to print on the spine of a spiral-bound book. 

The spine is made up of spiral coils, so there is no surface on which to print.

Alternatives To Spiral Binding?

We also offer alternatives to spiral binding. 

These are:

  • Wire binding
  • Perfect binding
  • Saddle stitch binding

Wire binding is similar to spiral binding. However, in wire binding, the pages are inserted onto a C-shaped wire and then the wires are closed and shaped to form the closed spine.

Saddle stitch binding is used for books of less than 32 pages and is a cheaper, short-term solution. 

The pages and cover are held together with a metal staple. The books don’t lie flat and it is a less durable option that is more easily damaged than the other methods of binding mentioned above.

So, if you’re wondering, where can I get a book spiral bound? 

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