8 Things to Know About Custom Banners

Banner Printing

A custom banner from Custom Printing is a powerful marketing tool that can help businesses prosper. Why? Because a custom banner draws attention to your brand. The more people you can expose to your brand, the more probable it is that they will know and remember you. Custom banners can help bring in new business and draw current customers back in.

Here are some helpful things to know about custom banners.

There is the Perfect Style of Custom Banner for Your Business

Custom banners are an inexpensive yet powerful method to promote your company or event, whether they are hanging on a wall at a trade fair or waving about outside of a store. There is a custom banner size and type that will be just right for your business’s advertising requirements. One of the following wide-format printing styles could be perfect for what you need.

  • Small Banners
  • Medium Banner
  • Large Banners
  • Standing Banners
  • Roll Up Banners
  • Combinations of a Tent and a Banner
  • Double-Sided Banners
  • Banner Flags

When it comes to banners, there are many different sizes and shapes to choose from. The size and shape of your banner will depend on where you plan to hang it and how much space you have to work with. 

Your Business Will Get Noticed by Hanging Custom Banners in Different Places

Think outside the box when it comes to banner placement. Hang banners from ceilings, walls, doors, or even trees! Be creative, and make sure your banner is visible from all angles so that potential customers don’t miss it.

Rotate Your Custom Banners Regularly

Banners are a great way to attract attention and promote your business, but they can quickly become outdated if you don’t rotate them regularly. Try to switch out your banners at least every few months, or sooner if you have a new promotion or product to highlight. This will keep your business looking fresh and relevant and make sure that potential customers always have something new to see.

A Colorful Custom Banner Will Get Noticed and Remembered

Studies have shown that ads in color are read up to 40% more often than the same ad in black and white. The same holds for banners. Banners in color are more likely to be noticed and remembered than those in black and white. So, if you want your ad to be seen and remembered, make sure to use color.

The Simpler Your Custom Banner is the Better

A cluttered or busy design will be hard to read and understand from a distance. Just your logo, a few words, and a straightforward, memorable image should be included. When in doubt, less is more when it comes to banners. A business’s target audience only gives advertisers a split second to capture their attention. Simple advertisements work better than complex ones at getting people’s attention. Generally speaking, less is more.

A Legible Font and Symmetry Improve Readability for a Custom Banner

A legible font and symmetry will make your banner easier to read from a distance. For the most part, you want to avoid using more than two different fonts on your banner. As far as symmetry goes, try to balance the content of your banner so that it is evenly distributed. This will make it easier for people to quickly scan and read your banner.

Custom Banners Need Good Lighting

You might need to buy some tiny clip-on lights to affix to the banner, depending on where it will be displayed. Lighting is crucial for events that take place at night or in dimly lit spaces. If your guests won’t be able to view your custom banner clearly, why spend the money on one? Long before an event, test the lighting and visibility.

Know Your Audience for a Better End Result

Who will be seeing your banner? Keep this audience in mind when choosing the images and text for your design. Knowing your audience properly can help you identify their unmet needs. This enables a business to better tailor its products and services and marketing approach to satisfy the needs of its target market.

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Custom banner printing is a great way to make an impact and promote your business. Keep it simple and focus on your audience. Contact us to order your custom banner today. We’ll make sure it’s perfect for your needs!