Wide-format printing

Wide-format printing services are critical to helping you enhance your marketing efforts and your overall brand presence.

At Custom Printing, Inc., we have the ability to provide prints up to 64” x 160’ – consider the possibilities as you look to create full-color posters, banners, and more. 

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With the wide array of products that we offer and the use of full Pantone color, we can offer you premium wide format printing that is sturdy, fade-resistant, and eco-friendly.


6 Types of Wide Format Printing Services We Provide:

Custom Poster Printing

Utilize high-quality custom posters to make an impact on presentations, inform at tradeshows, and educate at training events.

Our custom poster printing allows you to choose glossy or matte paper, making it easy to frame, hang as is, or even fill a window.

We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that the posters help to show off everything that is important to you – from logos to graphics to key blocks of text.

Large Format Poster Printing

Large format poster printing allows you to think bigger than ever before.

Whether you require 1 or 100, we have the means to offer you competitive pricing.

We’ll help you achieve true-to-life colors on a wide selection of papers so that you can display these posters where it matters the most.

Custom Banner Printing

Banners are a great way to promote your business or event.

Be sure to make your logo and tagline noticeable from the sidewalk, the street, and at special events.

Visual communication is critical – and custom banner printing can focus on the key information you wish to share with your audience.

Additionally, with the premium printing services we offer, we’ll be sure that you achieve the size that will work best for your space.

Custom Pull-Up Banner Printing

Whether you’re on the go or you simply want to change up your marketing materials, our custom pull-up banner printing offers you countless solutions.

These work well when you are limited in space or you want to move your signage around periodically.

The banner and the mounting are all-in-one, offering you convenience on the move.

The retractable banners are available in various sizes and are printed in full color so that you can have attractive marketing everywhere you go.

Point-of-Purchase Display Printing

POP displays, also known as point-of-purchase displays, are critical to helping you boost your retail sales – and they demand attention from your customers.

When people are getting ready to make a purchase, you can increase the total receipt price by advertising various items at the last minute.

Our point-of-purchase display printing allows you to find the advertising tool that will suit you and your retail space best – easel displays, counter mats, rack cards, signs, and more.

We’ll provide you with the size and quantity that is needed using superior materials so that they help to showcase your products and your brand.

Custom Menu Printing

Menus are one of the first chances you have to make a good impression inside of your restaurant.

Whether it’s a sit-down restaurant, counter-service, or even takeout, you want your menus to be clean, easy-to-read, and enticing.

Our custom menu printing allows you to have the creativity needed for your restaurant.

Full-color menus are available, complete with various sizes, designs, and even water-resistant papers.

Your menus can last longer and get mouths watering so people are excited to try the food that you have to offer.

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