B2B Printing & B2B Printers: How it Works

B2B printing can be the solution you need as a business. You may not have the time or means to do all of the printing on your own. By working with a B2B printer, you can get high-quality printing when (and where) you need it the most.

What is B2B Printing?


You may have already been engaging in B2B printing without even knowing it. What is B2B printing? It is a business-to-business printing service. Essentially, you as a business turn to another business for all of your print services.

By working with a B2B printer, you get all of the commercial print services that you need. Whether you need flyers, business cards, posters, banners, or anything else, you can turn to the printer. They become your one-stop shop for all things that need to be printed.

When you don’t need to rely on physical print workflows (especially as many things go digital), what does need to be printed can be done with the help of a professional printer. You can take advantage of print and mail services for businesses so that print is only reaching your hands if it’s an absolute must. It can be printed and mailed off to clients, specific locations or events, or into your mailbox for you to personally use or distribute.

B2B printing has gained popularity because it offers a boost in productivity without the need to invest in printers, maintain them, or keep a constant inventory of consumables for them. The moment you say that you don’t need a printer (or you wish to get rid of your existing one), you can partner with an on-demand printer online for all of your B2B printing needs.

How B2B Printing Meets Your Needs?

You depend on high-quality printing to help you with your branding and the overall management of your reputation. When you hand someone your business card, you set the tone for who you are and what you have to offer. When you mail a brochure to a residence or business, you are advertising not only your products but also your legitimacy.

Quality prints are a must – and with an online print platform, you can have everything you need to be printed to be able to interact with your own customers.

Knowing what a B2B printer offers is critical as it will impact your brand and how you have your print needs met.

Personalized Printing Solutions


Personalized printing often goes beyond what you can do from a traditional inkjet or laser printer. B2B printers have the ability to perform more services for you. It’s what allows you to take your branding to the next level and impress your audience with the various print items that you share with them.

  • Think about the possibilities.
  • Vibrant colors on flyers.
  • High-resolution images in catalogs.
  • Custom shapes on postcards.
  • Larger-than-life banners and cutouts.

The possibilities are endless – and a professional printer will be able to work with you on personalization. You can learn about the services and receive recommendations to ensure each thing you have printed looks the best that it can look.

Boost Productivity

Most items that you need to have printed take time to create. It goes so much further than sending everything to the printer. You may have to collate, fold, bind, and even mail. You have to be honest with yourself – do you really have time for all of that? The answer is likely no.

When you work with B2B printing, you can boost your productivity because a third-party partner does all of the printing and mailing services for you. What arrives in the mail to you is already complete and ready to distribute.

To take it a step further, you can even have items that need to be mailed handled by the printer. Just provide them with your address book and they’ll do all of the mailings. It ensures that you get the help when and where you need it the most.

On-Demand Printing

On-demand printing is beneficial because items are printed as you need them – banners, cardboard standups, and much more. Whether you need a single item printed or you need thousands printed, you can send it off to the printer via an online platform. You identify the quantity and when you need them. It allows you to plan and hand off the printing job to a third party.

Repeat Orders are Saved

Many businesses have print needs that are the same over and over again – applications, order forms, business cards, etc. There’s no reason to recreate the wheel each time you need one of your regular items printed.

The benefit of B2B printing is that there is an understanding that you need printing handled regularly. These items can be saved to make the order processing easier. You simply identify how many of a specific file and it is printed using the same specifications as your last order. It offers consistency and ease of ordering.

Digital Technologies Offer Affordability

Print marketing is still alive and well. Further, many items have to be printed – catalogs, business cards, and so on. As you print more and more, the costs can add up – especially if you’re still printing on your own where you’re responsible for the cost of paper, toner, and other consumables.

Digital technologies make it easier for you to afford all of your mass printing. Digital printing is fast and affordable because there’s no need for plates to be created. Instead, the print is made directly from the information embedded within the computer file.

When you work with a professional printer, they have the technologies needed to provide you with high-quality prints while saving you money per print.

How a B2B Printer Can Make a Difference?

commercial-printingA B2B printer understands your needs as a business. They have taken the time to create and embrace the various technologies that will offer you premium prints at affordable prices. More importantly, they have people who will work with you to understand the services that are available. It can boost your productivity and ensure that you have high-quality printed items to share with your audience.

Custom Printing, Inc. has been in the printing industry for decades. We offer both digital printing and offset printing so that your needs are met. We can provide fast turnarounds so that everything is shipped and waiting inside of your office when you’re ready for them.

Whether you have a current printing need or an ongoing need for printing, we’re here to become your business partner. With our know-how and competitive pricing, you’ll be in good hands.